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Steel Frames - The New Building Standard

The advent of light steel frame building in South Africa is one of the most exciting developments in recent times in the steel and building industries. While this method of building has been used in most leading countries such as the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand for decades, it has only recently been introduced and accepted in South Africa. It offers quality, cost and energy efficiency, as well as speed of erection for both residential and commercial buildings.

Some of the most prestigious and sought after real estate in the world has been built using light steel frame construction in areas such as the Gold Coast of Australia and Hawaii where coastal conditions are extreme. The steel-framing concept has proven itself over half a century and is currently the fastest growing building technique in the world.

Quick, Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

When comparing LGS (light gauge steel) to conventional building techniques, one cannot help but admire the many benefits that steel offers the builder, developer, consumer and environment. Steel has long been accepted as having the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any other building  material and therefore our steel structures are ideal for high risk environments subject to rot, corrosion, high humidity, etc. With steel being lighter than wood, termite proof, and basically fireproof, steel structures are the way of the future. From the concrete to trusses, the entire structure is galvanised steel with stainless fasteners. More and more professionals are coming to understand that we at S.F.D. are in fact supplying a superior product when compared with South African traditional building methods and in terms of cost; steel is proven to be substantially more economical and environmentally friendly.

Steel Frame Benefits

  • Quick Construction
  • Environmentally Friendly Building
  • Fewer Skills Required
  • No Warping cracking or rotting
  • Not Susceptible to termites
  • 30% Saving
  • High Levels of Building accuracy
  • Improved thermal and acoustic properties
  • Minimal wastage
  • Non-combustible
  • Low weight yielding – high strength
  • No Chasing for services


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Prototype House of Steel Frame
Steel Frame Development
Prototype Steel Frame Development
Development of Steel Frame House