Advanced Building Technologies

Builders Training

SFD has implemented a firm commitment to satisfying the growing need for training builders in the construction of steel frame structures. We at SFD hold training courses at our factory bi-quarterly and have noted a steady increase in the number of learners to enrol for each session.


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Prototype House of Steel Frame
Steel Frame Development
Prototype Steel Frame Development
Development of Steel Frame House

Factory Training

  • This is a half-day hands on Training Schedule. It starts with a visit to our factory and continues in one of our warehouses with the erection of a small sample unit.
  • Visiting trainees will learn how to save time and labour with certain tools, how to do a material take-off of shop drawings, how to identify different components and gauges, how to select fasteners for different connections, different fastening and panelising techniques, etc.
  • Trainers and trainees will have their lunches together provided by Global Building Solutions which lends itself to question-answer discussions.
  • After the training period, trainees will be given an erectors course manual which includes a comprehensive reference guide for steel framing construction methods.
  • While we will provide training expenses and training fees inside our factory, the customers will provide travel and rooming expenses for the trainers if required for on-site training and assistance.

To book your FREE Training Session please call 083 296 3078