Advanced Building Technologies


Prop Data Internet Marketing -
Prop Data Internet Marketing Prop Data (Pty) Ltd is an internet marketing company that is solely focused on and dedicated to marketing real estate on the internet. At Prop Data we think of ourselves less as web developers and more as internet marketing consultants to the real estate industry. From the beginning we have understood that our role in marketing real estate on the internet should extend far beyond web design, development and hosting. We instinctively identified that the key to our client's online success lay in our ability to identify our client's marketing objectives, develop an effective internet marketing strategy, reach our client's target market, engage and convert website traffic into high-quality leads, and finally track and analyze the effectiveness of each online marketing campaign. - is a light gauge steel frame systems provider to the national and international markets. Capacities include design and engineering of single and multi family dwellings, fabrication of structural light gauge steel frames and customized material packages. SFH headquarters are located in Atlanta, GA. Company marketing and engineering teams utilize the Dietrich Light Gauge Steel whose manufacturing facilities are strategically located all around USA. The company's goal is to provide economical steel frame system for its local and international customers.

Excalibur Steel Structures -
Excalibur Steel Structures provides builders and homeowners with the most complete structural steel framing package available. Excalibur Steel Structures' framing packages are designed using the latest technology and construction techniques. Excalibur gives you design flexibility; straight, easy to understand answers and you never have to deal with high pressure sales techniques. With our years of experience and desire for quality, we strive to make sure your new steel framed home will be one you can enjoy for a lifetime.

ArcelorMittal -
ArcelorMittal South Africa Limited is the largest steel producer on the African continent, producing 7,1 million tonnes of liquid steel per annum. The company has a depth of technical and managerial expertise carefully nurtured since 1928, a reputation for reliability and a sharply defined business focus, which has forged the organisation into a modern, highly competitive supplier of steel products to the domestic and global markets. This has been achieved through ongoing alignment with international best practices and a comprehensive understanding of the steel business environment.

Everite Building Products -
Everite Building Products has been associated with the South African building industry for more than sixty years. Producing a wide range of materials that satisfy the needs of the commercial, industrial and residential market sectors, Everite is renowned for its comprehensive range of Nutec roofing, ceilings, cladding and pipes amongst others. The companies 54 hectare manufacturing facility near Johannesburg is well located and has immediate access to all major road and rail links to national destinations and major ports.

Lafarge Gypsum -
Lafarge Gypsum is a leading manufacturer, extruder and distributor of high quality products used in the ceiling and partitioning industry, aluminium and access flooring systems. The company embarked on the ISO9002 program, which was put in place in 2000. In view of changing customers needs, the company is continuously evaluating and upgrading product for the interior system and their theme of one-stop-shop for the ceiling and partitioning market has been adopted. Our objective is to provide non-compromising customer service, which has secured Lafarge Gypsum a major share of the South African market as well as a solid basis for exporting.

BPB Gypsum -
BPB Gypsum (Pty) Ltd is a leader in the manufacturing of lightweight building materials and manufactures energy conserving Rhinoboard for all interior lining applications, from ceilings and walls to thermal drylining of outer walls. To remain a major player, BPB Gypsum persistently reacts to changing market needs, while pushing boundaries through research, system development, testing and two-way communication at all levels. Installations have been made easy with BPB Gypsum′s System Solutions which meet the cost, performance and aesthetic requirements for the internal lining of colossal office blocks, breathtaking shopping centers and stylish homes.

Brits -
A proudly South African company; Brits has an established national infrastructure. The Brits head office is situated in the Cape and we have branches in the other major provinces.We see quality service and support, guaranteed supply, on-time delivery and quick and easy access to technical information and advice as merely the price of entry into our industry. Brits is the largest specialist nonwoven producer in South Africa.We have 8 nonwoven production lines across our factories in Cape Town and Durban.37% of our products are either directly or indirectly exported.

Isover -
Welcome to Isover, global leader in thermal and acoustic insulation. Isover creates well-being through insulation - at home, in industry, at school, the office, hospitals, shopping centres - to name but a few. By using the innovative ISOVER insulating materials, you simply ensure a better climate - in our environment as well as your home or building. You reduce the consumption of energy while at the same time increasing your well-being and comfort. Build with ISOVER - show responsibility for our environment.